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Provide Best Flour Milling Solution!

Maize Flour Mill machine

This solution is using dehuller and hammer mill to make fine white maize flour, Fully automaticly on operation. since now you don't need to afraid diffcult operation on roller mill. and also the flour is much better than roller mill made.
By the way, if you are interesting in this and you are in Tanzania currently. To visit the factory in Tanzania to check the machine proformance directly! 

Save Money On Budget

The price of same capacity is 30% lower
than roller mill machine!

Automatic Packing Unit

Automatic packing machine can pack 1KG,2KG,5KG,10KG and 25KG, also 50KG bags. it's accurately ,easily and sanitary.

Food Fortification System

It includes Food fortification System for adding Vitamins
 and other additives scientific.

Food fortification programs are a proven cost-effective strategy to combat deficiencies and deliver sustainable improvements to the current generation and generations to come. Empowering people to get essential micronutrients helps to reduce disease, poverty, child mortality and improve maternal health.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks for the perfect design,
It's easy to maintenance, also the spare parts is easy to get in local market.

Short Erection

This design makes erection time is about 50% shorter than roller mill design.
It helps to save long time and budget on new plant.

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