Flour Milling Equipment
FMF、FMFQ series roller mill
1. FMFQ、FMFS series roller mill adopts double wheel servo feeding, level roller emplacement, roller clutch can be controlled manually (FMFQ) or pneumatically (FMFQ). It adopts the 3 wheel tooth-wedge belt transmission.

2. FMF、 6F series roller mill adopts cast iron frame structure, double feeding wheel, 3 wheel chain transmission and tooth-wedge belt transmission.
Flour Milling Equipment
FPBW Series Corn peeling crusher
FPBW Series Corn peeling crusher is a high quality product which is manufactured and developed by Jingu company. It adopts high quality material and advanced welding equipment and technology. This machine is the special equipment for processing corn in half-wet method. Its function is to scrap away the corn bran, corn embryo and crush corn endosperm into pieces of required size (large, middle and small) .
New features:
    1. Patent product
    2. High peeling and degerming efficiency
    3. Convenient operation and repair
Flour Milling Equipment
FSFJ series double section plansifter
Used for simple grading and sifting of granule stocks in small flour milling plant. It is also can be taken as the inspection sifter for powder materials.
Flour Milling Equipment
FSFG series multi-section plansifter
FSFG series plansifter is widely used to screening and classify the stocks of reduction system, breaking system and scraps system. It has the features of advanced technology, stable running, and high working efficiency, etc.
Flour Milling Equipment
FQFDr series Purifier
Flour Milling EquipmentUsed for purifying the middlings stocks which from the front break mill and plansifter, to reduce the bran content in midllings. This is very important for improve the flour quality.
FSJZ series Impact Detacher
Used for impacting and loosing the material from reduction milling or smooth roller milling system in order to increase the flour extraction rate, and impact the coarse and medium size stocks discharged from break sifting. It can take the place of rear reduction mill, and is the indispensable machine in modern milling processing.
Flour Milling Equipment
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