6FTF-50 Wheat flour processing line
This processing line absorbs the achievement experience of large scale flour milling plant.Adopts long grinding passage,lightly grinding,precise grading and other special milling technology.It can produce refine flour and grade flour at the same time,and it is the ideal equipment for a middle or small scale flour milling plant.

Main parameters



Production capacity (T/24h)


Milling Techniques and main machines

4Break  4Reduction 1scratch 1 bran brushing techniques
6-6F2235 Roller Mill,4-6F2240 Roller mill,4-83double section plansifter,1-conveyor,1-bran brusher.

Cleaning Techniques

1 sifting-2 scouring-2 destoning-2 magnetic separating- 1 washing-1 air separating or
2 sifting-2 scouring-2 destoning-3 magnetic separating-1 washing-1 air separating

Products and extraction rate (%)

Grade 1 flour:≥65% Grade 2 flour:≥75%
Standard flour:≥80%

Flour quality

Better than GB1355-88 (National standard of China)

Power required (kW)

Around 100

Size of workshop:
(L×W×H, m)


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